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Boost overall operational productivity in your organization by minimizing downtime and optimizing processes.

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Sidestep Common Productivity Problems with our Specialized IT Support

If your technology isn’t functioning well, it’s hard for your employees to maintain their productivity.

Why choose Cantey Tech Consulting for IT support?

  • Get 83% of your IT problems resolved remotely for added convenience and peace of mind
  • Receive quick and responsive support with our 1.57-minute average phone response time
  • Prevent downtime and lost productivity due to faulty tech with our efficient troubleshooting services
  • Resolve sudden and urgent IT issues swiftly thanks to our rapid 15-minute average resolution times
  • Maximize your technology performance with our expert guidance and support

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Why Our IT Support Stands Out

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Of IT issues resolved on the first call

1.57 Minutes

Average response time for all IT problems

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IT Support in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Our IT Support Services Include…

Solve 75.26% of Your IT Problems Without Leaving Your Desk

Dealing with IT issues often means waiting for support and facing downtime. This situation disrupts your workflow and can be frustrating. You need a solution that minimizes these disruptions.

Cantey Tech Consulting’s remote IT support resolves 75.26% of your IT problems on the first call. Our efficient services ensure you get timely assistance and keep your operations smooth.

Besides saving time waiting, our remote support also lets you enjoy increased productivity with minimal interruptions.

Count on Us to Be at Your Office When Needed

Even with excellent remote support, certain IT challenges require a hands-on approach. Sometimes, onsite support is the only way to address complex issues effectively.

That’s why Cantey Tech Consulting also provides onsite services. Our team provides professional, efficient service and ensures long-lasting solutions.

If we can’t find an answer remotely, don’t fret. You can trust us to be there, ready to tackle any challenge with expertise.

Let Us Solve Emerging Issues Before They’re Issues

According to an analysis by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, modern software systems inherently contain undiscovered vulnerabilities. However, this doesn’t lessen the effects of a hacker using them to exploit your system.

Cantey Tech Consulting provides proactive 24/7 support. Our goal is to find and fix problems before they affect you. This keeps your systems safe and efficient.

Enjoy the confidence of knowing your network is always under watchful care.

Protect Your Cloud & Preserve Your Data

Navigating cloud environments requires specific expertise. General knowledge is not enough to protect your data in these complex systems. You need a team that understands the intricacies of cloud technology.

Cantey Tech Consulting’s IT support team understands all the subtle nuances of cloud environments. We also provide regular data backups so you can be sure that everything remains intact.

Trust in our skilled team to manage and optimize your cloud systems with precision.

You Need IT Support, But That’s Not All

That’s why you need an IT support provider that can offer a wide range of other IT services.

What Happens When You Choose Cantey Tech Consulting

IT Support in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Get More Out of Every Tech Investment

Small businesses allocate about 6.9% of their revenue to information technology. Yet, many lack the expertise to optimize these tools.

This leads to underutilized resources and missed opportunities to enhance business efficiency.

That’s why Cantey Tech Consulting’s IT support team goes beyond just fixing issues. We provide insights and guidance to help you fully leverage your technology investments.

During each support call, we’ll ask you about how you’re using the tool we’re troubleshooting. This will help us provide a longer-lasting solution to your problem and help your organization get more return for your investment.

Fort Lauderdale IT Support

Boost Productivity With Streamlined Workflows

Tech issues can divert your focus from core business activities. While an in-house tech team is valuable, supplementing their efforts with specialized IT support can free up resources.

Cantey Tech Consulting’s IT support team can complement your in-house department. We streamline workflows, minimize errors, and reduce delays in technology-supported processes.

Our IT professionals work alongside your team to assess current workflows, identify areas for improvement, and implement efficient solutions.

IT Support in Fort Lauderdale

Save on Hiring and Training Additional IT Staff

Expanding your IT department often involves significant costs and time in hiring and training new staff. This process can strain your resources, which slows down your business’s growth and technological advancement.

Cantey Tech Consulting provides a solution. We offer fully trained professionals who can immediately complement and enhance your existing IT department.

This approach eliminates the need for additional overhead costs and the extensive time required to re-skill your employees or hire new ones.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our IT Support and Services

Our IT support services come in 3 different tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Prices start from $75 to $200 per user per month.

Each plan caters to different needs, from basic monitoring and maintenance to comprehensive security and compliance-focused requirements.

You can estimate the cost using the cost calculator on our website, but for a precise quote tailored to your specific needs, please contact us directly.

Cantey Tech Consulting does provide IT support to remote workers. Our services include resolving IT issues and ensuring secure connections to your business network, regardless of their location.

We can also help troubleshoot BYOD devices as long as they are connected to a current client’s network and used for work purposes.

Our team is equipped to handle a variety of challenges that remote working environments present, ensuring seamless and efficient operations for your business.

Cantey Tech Consulting only hires expert technicians who are well-equipped to handle complex IT networks.

We can also handle both hardware and software problems, ensuring robust network security and infrastructure support.

Our skilled IT professionals are adept at resolving intricate technical challenges and providing you with a reliable and efficient IT environment.

Cantey Tech Consulting is just for businesses. We don’t support personal devices unless they are BYOD devices connected to a current client’s network.

Although we primarily focus on SMB clientele, we are open to larger clients.

Our services also scale with your business, ensuring that as your SMB grows, there’s no need to switch providers. This adaptability makes us a versatile choice for businesses at different stages of growth.

If you’re a current client of Cantey Tech Consulting and need immediate IT support, you can open a ticket on our website or call our support desk at (305) 944-7300.

Please note that we offer our IT support services exclusively to current clients. If you are not a current client, contact us or call our sales team at (305) 859-4720 to explore your options.