Exploring the 5 Top Charleston Tech Companies Currently Making Waves in the Industry

Recent years have seen Charleston, South Carolina, emerge as a vibrant tech hub, defying the troubling trend that sees 80% of all venture capital go to just three cities: San Francisco, New York, and Boston

Cantey Tech Consulting is proud to be part of this growth as one of the top Charleston tech companies. But more is needed. 

In this blog, we’ll explore five companies doing just that, helping Charleston make its mark on the tech scene.

The 5 Main Charleston Technology Companies

1. Cantey Tech Consulting

Cantey Tech Consulting has been a leader among the top tech companies in Charleston since 2007. 

They’ve built a reputation for putting their clients first, focusing on creating trust and delivering top-notch IT solutions. Their success is marked by a determination to provide the best IT consulting not only in Charleston but throughout the Southeast and beyond. If you require IT solutions, Cantey Tech Consulting is your go-to partner.